English Language

Paper 1, Questions 3 and 4









Teaching structure has always been a tricky one and I think many teachers have shied away from doing so and have taken full advantage of the ‘or language’ element of many past paper mark schemes. I have approached structure in a simplistic way initially so as not to intimidate my students – the power point lessons attached take a formulaic approach, but this has meant that my students feel that they can have a go without feeling too worried. What is a real positive about this exam paper is that students are dealing with one extract and can develop their understanding of the text through each question, almost in layers.

I have also included two lessons on question 4 – the first considers an argument structure using Facebook and Instagram as a comparative topic to begin with. I found that starting with this meant that students did not have to face a new topic straight away; they could grasp the concept of writing an evidence based argument using information they already knew. I then used the Never Let Me Go extract to introduce an actual text.

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