English Literature, Paper 2: Approaching the Unseen


This is a revision lesson that is appropriate for Year 11 students who are returning to the unseen section. I think an important link to make is that this question reflects the same skills (AO2) and style as Question 2 in Language Paper 1. Making cross links like this has been so important in my teaching of the new GCSE – many students will have a lightbulb moment at these links as they can recall information -like how to structure an answer or which AO they must consider – much more quickly and thus understand the requirements of a task or question much more efficiently. I have provided a poem that can be compared with one of the anthology poems from the Power and Conflict cluster which can save time. I have also taken two examples from the AQA SAMs papers if teachers wish to start afresh. Much of the approach here is reassuring. The paper is quite long and an additional shorter task can be very overwhelming!


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