English Literature

English Literature Paper 2, Section B: An Inspector Calls Revision – Quizzing!

Quizzing has become a huge part of my life (rather reluctantly) in the last year or so. In support of interleaving that I have explored in an earlier post, quizzing has become a solid aspect of many of my lessons. It is important to keep in mind that a short and sharp quiz will often serve best as it does not encroach on new learning time! Often in English, we are encouraged to push students to expand on answers and develop their points with contextual references or further interpretation and literary references, however there is a lot to be said about quick memory recall. I have used quizzes that are specific to one topic, but have completed them in lessons that are on a different topic – this allows students to practice recalling information not linked to what they are studying at that moment in time. I have found that they actually really enjoy it; it is a challenge but it is not a long and laborious challenge – they get quick satisfaction if it’s correct and if it’s wrong, they are more likely to remember it next time. I have included below a quiz on An Inspector Calls – most likely useful if they have just finished reading the play.


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