Mark Scheme Top Sheets

Top Sheets for Language Papers

Something that has proven a nightmare (for every exam I’ve ever taught) is allowing students access to the mark scheme without utterly terrifying them with a 20 page double sided booklet in tiny font. AQA mark schemes are very difficult to copy and paste. I spent some time putting each question/section onto one sheet so that when students complete an answer, you can simply staple the sheet on the front in either A4 or A5 and students can quickly see where their response falls in terms of level and AO. Most importantly, students can see what is required to access the next level up.

At present, my students are given these top sheets for every piece of independent work they do. Naturally, they cannot complete an entire answer every time they practice, so instead of a complete mark, I show them on the mark scheme what LEVEL they have hit in their response. In my school, we have only equated complete answers to a whole grade or ‘trajectory’ – it is impossible to do so with a short answer or indeed some of the low mark answers from the Language papers.

Do have a look and hopefully they are helpful!


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  1. Hi Eleanor – I don’t seem to be able to make the hyperlinks work on some of these 😦 Great resource and I intend using them with my Year 10 group on my return after Christmas.


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