Lit Paper 2 and Lang Paper 1 PLCs




English Language Paper 1 and English Literature Paper 2

Personal Learning Checklists

In class, lots of my students have been struggling to remember what aspect of the course requires which skill. Despite AQA using largely the same Assessment Objectives for each paper, these are distributed differently. With interleaving being a huge part of the way in which the course should (or could) be taught, I needed something for my students to use in support of their revision.

‘Personal learning checklists’ have been very fashionable in my school and in others in the LA. I never much cared for them as it was very difficult to actually make them personal to each student. However, I have had a go at creating a checklist for English Literature Paper 2 and probably more helpfully, English Language Paper 1.

Students can use these as a paper guide and record when they have completed certain aspects and covered certain skills. My Year 10 have come to rely on these, so I do ensure that we have regular assessments where they cannot use them! Something that has really helped is knowing what they must include in each question – this has been particularly useful for lower set groups.

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